Every year, Visionledd hosts conferences for pastors, teachers and community leaders of local African communities. We provide sold biblical training so they are equipped to spread the Word and serve in the name of Jesus. We also run youth conferences for Africa’s next generation of Christian leaders. These conferences also offer free HIV testing for pastors and leaders, helping those who may not have known they were infected, and finding them proper treatment.

The tragedy of HIV and AIDS devastates families across the globe, leaving behind heartbreaking loss, painful isolation and extreme poverty. Experts on the pandemic agree that the AIDS crisis is no longer just a development issue – it’s a global disaster.

The Church is the most transformative force and pervasive institution available to respond; yet the Church is like a sleeping giant, seemingly paralyzed by inaction. To effectively impact change, the Church must become like a Mother Teresa. If churches all across sub-Saharan Africa will work together in sharing the love of Christ to those affected by HIV and AIDS, they can be the most sustainable and potent enemy of AIDS on the planet. The Church needs to bring the message of change of heart, mind and behaviour to reduce the spread of AIDS and to care for the vulnerable infected and affected by HIV and AIDS.

Visionledd exists to build the capacity of church and community leaders to be the hands and feet of Jesus in practical and relevant ways for those infected and affected by HIV and AIDS.

Through pastors’ conferences, Jim Cantelon, Founder and President of Visionledd, is able to share a biblical worldview through his message of righteousness (a right relationship with God) and justice (a right relationship with each other) with thousands of pastors and community leaders. Conferences will include a biblical view of leadership, marriage, church and culture, view of women and practical examples of church engagement. Each conference provides an opportunity to mobilize the church to respond to the AIDS crisis.

Pastors and church leaders are presented with the biblical foundation to engage with the vulnerable, practical examples of the Church response and an opportunity for further training through Community Health Evangelism workshops (CHE).

Conference Impact:

  • World View Change – Participants have a new understanding of righteousness (a right relationship with God) and justice (a right relationship with each other) and learn new ways of living within this context.
  • Community Transformation – Pastors and church leaders are challenged on the issues of HIV and AIDS, orphan care, social justice and how their churches can be active in their communities.
  • CHE – Community Health Evangelism provides leaders in the communities with the tools they need to engage volunteers from within their churches to reach out to those suffering and dying.
  • HIV and AIDS – Conference attendees will have the opportunity to be tested for HIV along with counseling and information on how to receive treatment if needed.

Conference costs per in-country delegate is $8 – $10 CAD, the approximate cost per conference is $18,000 – $20,000 CAD with an average of 2000 attendees.