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    Equipping African churches to care for orphans and widows

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    Our unique and effective approach, working through local Christians

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    WOW MotherCare

    A special bag provides critical care for mothers and young children

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    Small actions, big impact! There's more than one way to help!


Visionledd envisions a world where communities and churches will live biblically and respond to the growing needs of the forgotten orphans and widows of our world. VIEW MORE »


We believe that prayer is an essential element in community transformation. Here are some specific areas in need of prayer. VIEW MORE »


Join a WOW short term mission trip to impact African communities ravaged by HIV and AIDS and be the hands and feet of Jesus. See how you can make a difference. VIEW MORE »

What do you mean, “building capacity”?

Every workplace and industry has it’s own “language” or “jargon” that to outsiders, isn’t so straightforward in meaning. As a charitable ministry, we are no different.  In a recent article about nonprofit sector buzzwords and jargon, we had to smile in un-surprise at the phrase claiming the number one spot on the jargon list: “capacity-building”. [...]

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